The Yachting World fur hat legend looks laughably trivial now


Nothing to do with sailing, of course, but who could resist?

Andy Dare emails from Peru, where he is travelling, to say: ‘Oh, I am so enjoying reading about the naughty MPs .

‘I have just written to my accountant to ask him for the “MPs Tax Return” for this year, as I am fed up with the “General Public – Suckers” version? Seems you can claim for everything.

‘I am chuckling at your  target=_blank> “Find the hat story” – how trivial does that seem now?”

Yes, indeed, a fur hat to keep an Editor’s head warm while sailing is a mere bagatelle by comparison.

Andy adds; “I am being asked about [our MPs’ expenses] here in Peru, by Peruvians. Wow. What a whopping story.’