All set for the Vendée Globe, corrects Mike Golding

A couple of things from stories in 2007. Mike Golding replied to this post to say: actually, I have qualified for the Vendée Globe.

‘ “Qualification” entails the successful completion of an IMOCA solo race in excess of 2,500miles, ie Vendée Globe 2004/V5O/Transat/RDR etc – note that this refers to the competitor and not the boat.

The boat must complete a further “Validation passage” of 2,500 miles with skipper on board (1,500 in the event that a boat subsequently changes keel or mast etc).

Ecover 3 has already completed a double-handed race of 4,500miles (TJV) and a solo passage (on the BtoB) of in excess of 2,500 miles.

It follows that both myself and Ecover 3 will qualify for the 2008 Vendée Globe.’

There are, indeed, quite a few permutations available, as set out in the Notice of Race and this also makes it clear that any competitor that finds it impossible to complete a solo race can apply to the race jury to make a special qualification passage – plus there is a handy ‘exceptional circumstances’ clause.