What's the French maestro Mich Desj up to? His secret project has been causing much speculation

One more day and we’ll find out all about Michel Desjoyeaux’s big project.

The French maestro and twice-winner of the Vendée Globe is revealing all in a press conference in Paris tomorrow. The project is mysteriously entitled F2014 and has caused much speculation across the Channel.

The depiction of the Earth from space on the press blurb implies that it’s a round the world plan. But who knows? It’s been shrouded in deepest secrecy.

It’s doubtful that it’s the next Vendée Globe because that’s in 2012. One rumour is that Mich is the first to sign up for a Multi One-Design Race, the new round the world race for 70ft trimarans, which I blogged about last year (click here).

That conclusion has being going round because the first of these new boats is being built at his brother Hubert’s yard CDK in Port La Forêt, Brittany. It is due to be launched later this year.

If it’s true it would give an amazing shot in the arm to a race that could so easily be a pipedream.

But as I say, we’ll know for sure tomorrow. And Mich Desj’s next project will be a big clue as to where the top French sailors may be heading next.