...and Hull got a hole. What's the connection between the two incidents?

Naughty? Or amusingly satirical? You decide.

These cartoons of Cork Clipper, which went aground last week on a reef in Java, are doing the rounds and were sent to me someone who’ll remain nameless.

The grounding happened in horrible conditions – in the wee hours, reportedly with squalls of 45 knots and sheet rain rattling through. Thankfully, all 16 crew on board got off safely.

There’s a video of the scene here, showing the reef, a rather large navigation mark on it and the unfortunate crew stranded.

Skipper Richie Fearon hasn’t been having a good race recently. The second cartoon depicts the to-do back in December when Cork collided with Hull and Humber in a thumping port and starboard incident that put Hull and Humber back in port for a week’s repairs.

The 28-year-old skipper admitted: “We caused a significant amount of damage to Hull and Humber and we were at fault.”

 Cork Clipper cartoon 2