Think of a number, any number. Double it. Then call it your blog audience


Hey, did you know that my blog is read by 300,000 unique visitor impression hits a day?

No wait, that doesn’t sound enough. OK a total of 100,000,000 impression visits a month. Nah, bit of a round figure, that. Let’s say 1,543,821 unique hits this week.

Yes. Hurrah! V. v. good. Am now most widely read foremost genius writer on whole planet.

This one is just to point out the bleedin’ obvious: that there is not really an audience equivalent to the online population of Europe gagging to read about professional yacht racing and its machinations. Much as we’d like it.

And, yes, the current rash of stats on other sites about number of page impressions/visits/unique users or any confusing medley of these terms, are complete and utter rubbish – to the power of 10, some of them.

Anyway, someone here has been checking y’all out on the audit software Hitwise – £7k a licence and think of it as a cross between an internet lie detector and a giant Bullshit Taser. A list of the top 10 sailing sites coming up soon