Tony Bullimore on how it's heroic to be rescued


I read this story on Yachting Monthly’s website with a sense of disbelief. Tony Bullimore, who is a star attraction of the Whyte & Mackay London Boat show next week at its ‘Survival Zone’ (no argument there), is planning another attempt at the solo round the world record this winter and is quoted as commenting:

“Surviving in the ultimate storm in the Southern Ocean, in mountainous seas and winds blowing over 100 mph, in my capsized boat, is one thing. But being rescued by the Royal Australian Navy, in these ferocious conditions, sparking off the biggest ocean rescue the Royal Australian Navy had ever undertaken, is the stuff of heroes.”

I am lost for words.

Does that make this sailor a bit of a hero too – a few weeks ago he sparked off a major search and rescue mission involving 4 lifeboats, a helicopter and 8 Coastguard search and rescue teams.