A cover-up of a dangerous man, or unwarranted abuse of a role model?

Recent blogs on the accident-prone sailing career of Tony Bullimore drew a number of comments. Here are two. Sorry there’s no proper feedback section; we wait patiently.

Bullimore’s project seems to divide opinion sharply. So, enough already of my blatant intrusion into his private grief? Or am I part of a trade cover-up of his gravest accident? As always, comments welcome.

I was moved to write following an earlier piece in your blog on the same subject but thought better of it.

The recent piece which I picked up today puts me in mind to respond this time. You mention some of Tony Bullimore’s ‘scrapes’ but I’m amazed that whenever someone writes a piece about him that the worst event of his calamitous career never gets mentioned. Is there some sort of cover up going on? I’m not a conspiracy theorist but it seems no one wants to mention the fact that in 1989 he flipped Spirit of Apricot, a leery follow up to the original boat, resulting in the death of a man.

Were you aware of this? Full details available on request. Alternatively, you can search the forums on Sailing Anarchy where I gave a précis’d version some time ago when I was venting my spleen on how dangerous this person is to himself and others –Paddy Smart

Not sure what Tony has ever done to you but, even before this latest blog, I think you have said enough on this subject to make your point.

My point is that we should stop intruding on the private grief of one 68 year old when another one has dared in an equally uncompetitive boat and has just completed the 5 Oceans.

Some of us would prefer to follow the example of Harry Mitchell and die with our sea boots on rather than rust up in a hospital bed.

Surely this is a fundamental human right? — John.