Can't decide what to buy with that £1 million bonus? Here's what we're doing with ours...

Between you and me, we don’t get million quid bonuses at IPC Media (though we are always open to offers). It’s so unlike life across the Thames, where the following debate must come up annually.

The question being: on what boat would you spend a spare £1 million?

I had this conversation yesterday with Toby Hodges, who does all our boat tests and thus gets to try out the cream of every crop. Initially, Toby was stumped as to what he’d spend it on – so much so that I thought he was finally going to say he’d buy a million batteries from Poundland.

Eventually, however, he rallied and announced that a million wasn’t enough. You’re so right Toby. It’s not enough, IPC Media. Nowhere near.

To buy yourself a nice top end family bluewater Oyster, Discovery, Hallberg-Rassy or whatever you’re going to need con-sider-ably more than that.

So what fun boat could you get if you are one of those in receipt of an extra one mill this month? What is the ideal bonus yacht?

We think what’s needed is either something classy and understated or, better still, sporty, fun, maybe a bit frivolous or a bit bling but also quite sophisticated. Here are a few suggestions:

The new Code 0 by Black Pepper Yachts

A new and lovely daysailer (pictured top and below) along the Tofinou/Brenta/Wally Nano lines, as featured in our February issue. As it’s a mere £140,000 you’d have plenty of change left over. Or you could buy a few and race them.


Pogo 12.50

I haven’t sailed it myself, but I think I want one of these. This cruiser-racer by IMOCA 60 specialists Finot-Conq is what I’d spend my bonus on if it didn’t stretch to the Fairlie 55 (see below). You could have a blast in it. AZAB or Round Britain & Ireland anyone?


ORMA 60 trimaran

You can pick one of these puppies up on the cheap now no-one is racing them, and pay a skipper to help you raise hell between a few Mediterranean ports and anchorages.

This is exactly what one racing sailor I know was paid to do for a private owner a few years back: take him and guests out for the day for some high speed reaching with music pumping at top volume from deck speakers. Guaranteed to get everyone looking at you and shaking their fists in admiration!

Fairlie 55

Something totally different to the above. Nearer to the £1 million mark all told and beautiful wood craftsmanship on classic lines. It’s lush. See our video here.

Before we sign the cheques we’re open to other suggestions. Got any ideas for the perfect bonus boat?