Spanish drain smell horror - and other scoops of the week


In case you missed any of them, here are the week’s scoops from Valencia?

? Spanish sewers smell – Shock as top yachting writer reveals that Spanish drains whiff a bit. During his 9-minute walk to the media centre he has been ‘forced to pass several drain covers from which the stench is appalling’. [Tip: take taxi and charge to exes.]

? Alinghi’s keel may move – Alternatively, it might not. It could just be a spoiler. See various.

? Police fine people who ride bikes on the sidewalk (‘Taliban infidel jihad’) – Don’t they have anything better to do? [Tip: take taxi and charge to exes.]

? Journalists ‘forced’ to gossip – As there is no racing to report, the media centre is rife with rumours and gossip. [Tip: take taxi to restaurant and continue on exes.]

More next week?