See the big French trimaran foiler chasing a new outright speed record


Now that the 50-knot speed barrier has been broken several increments over by kitesurfers, most recently by Frenchman Alexandrew Caizergues with a run of 50.57 knots, this image looks even more impressive.

This is Hydroptère, the foiler trimaran that has been in continuous development since 1994. In recent speed trials near Marseille owner Alain Thébault reported that she had recorded a top speed of 52.86 knots.

As a design engineering feat that’s a massive achievement. It really is amazing to think of a yacht as large and complex as a 60ft yacht chasing hard on the heels of a new outright speed record.

What the Hydroptére crew have to do for an official world record now they’ve hit a new instantaneous high speed is to maintain a stable top speed over 500m.

Photo courtesy of Gilles Martin-Raget.