Get on the coloured specs for this new boat


Forget 3D computer generated images of boats; they’re two a penny these days. This unapologetically retro press pic was pounced on enthusiastically in the YW office yesterday and we all wanted a go.

It’s one of those blurry, out-of-registration photos that turn into 3D if you wear a pair of cardboard coloured specs, and it shows the interior of the new Harmony 16M . Here’s our art editor, Rob Owen, having an ogle. “They leapt right out at me,” he observed with an enigmatic smile, as is his wont.

The little touch I liked was the mug of coffee perched on the chart table. Not so long ago, it was compulsory for magazine test shoots to feature a bearded tester and a salesman listening intently, each holding a mug of coffee and facing a plate of fruit cake.

If the boat was owned, one mug might say ‘Captain’ and the other ‘Skipper’ and there would probably be a few cushions embroidered with sage aphorisms such as ‘I feel sorry for people who don’t drink because morning’s the best they’re going to feel all day’.

This scene is the one I’d really like captured for posterity. But in the meantime, you can give the one above a try if you happen to have any 3D specs lying around because the image above works on a computer screen as well.