a shortage of refreshment has us 'borrowing' stubbies from the adjacent Aussie stand...

… or was it the Mallorca Chambre of Commerce party where a shortage of refreshment has us ‘borrowing’ stubbies from the adjacent Aussie stand – no shortage there.

Talking point again is the Superyacht Cup next June where more than 80 yachts over 30m are expected to congregate. Jonathan Syrett from Camper & Nicholsons in Palma describes the lobbying going on in an attempt to abolish the tax on big yachts chartering in Spanish waters. Currently yachts/charterers have to pay 12 per cent of the ‘hull’ value! Jonathon and his team reckon the Spanish lose 4 to 9 million Euros a DAY ! in lost revenue from yachts which would otherwise head for their marinas and ports heavily armed with cash. The tax has been waived for charter yachts visiting Valencia for the America’s Cup but Jonathan and co want Brussels to extend a permanent waiver to Spain and have a uniform system across the Mediterranean. Great ideal likely to be strangled by red tape but if there’s anything we can do to help, just get in touch.

I catch the New Zealand ‘village’ party in full swing where there’s plenty of chatter about the Millennium Cup being exported as a bolt-on to the Superyacht Cup next June. Thousands of Kiwi dollars have been pledged for this one day extravaganza by a bunch of firms from NZ – this is going to be one big event. I also bump into Dave Pedrick who is busy back home in the US optimising a whole bunch of 12 metres heading for the Mediterranean for the metre boat celebrations due next year?

Finally to the Edmiston bash at the Port Palace, a swish affair with lots of guests rubbing shoulders with the Eurocopter. Bit of a blur but I manage to book my meeting with Jamie Edmiston for 0900 the following morning. I walk home avoiding the Stars and Bars magnetic field?.