It's March and time for fitting out. But what's the best way to clean teak?


Now we’re into March spring is officially here and with that you can have no more excuses about putting off the dreaded fitting out. I can see a few cold and windy weekends in the yard coming up for many of you.

I was in Lymington yesterday checking up on Firefly after the recent gales. She’s looking fine and still well trussed up and the dehumidifier down below which is set to run for a couple of hours each day has kept her sweet.

Which is more than can be said of the teak decks. They are an embarrassing shade of green. This has happened every winter since she was launched in 1999 with the exception of the two spent in the Caribbean. It’s no big deal to clean, just several uncomfortable hours on hands and knees with a Scotchbrite pad followed up with one of the branded teak cleaners. But does anyone know if there is a better answer? As she’s still for sale I want to get her looking at her best before the rush of springtime boat buyers.