The government announces the introduction of new drink sailing law

The problem facing anyone who is prepared to stand up and rant against the introduction of yet more nanny state legislation is that of the tall poppy. So when someone stands up to declare just how stupid, unecessary, unenforcable and ill considered are new laws on drink sailing then fingers will be pointed and the whisperers will start to say ‘oh dear, he’s pro drink so he must have a problem with it’. Because as we’re all being told drink is bad for you, despite what many branches of medical science say about the benefits.

Well I don’t – and I don’t care anyway. I do enjoy a drink when I’m sailing or on board, but at the right time and in the right quantity. I’ll freely admit that there have probably been times when, in a quiet Caribbean anchorage or Breton Harbour, that last rum or Calvados has put me over the drink drive limit but then I’m not exactly thundering down a motorway at 70 mph in a 20 ton HGV nor am I responsible for the safety of 1,000 passengers in a 25-knot cross-Channel ferry.

The fact is that there is absolutely no need whatsoever for this law. It is intended to solve a problem that does not exist.

One more thing. Who is going to police this, how will it be policed and who will pay for the policing? Yes, you know, don’t you?