It is no exaggeration to say that my Victorinox sailing knife saved my life in the Atlantic during a dismasting. This an excellent Black Friday deal that I am truly endorsing.

Ever since I crossed my dad’s palm with silver in return for the safe transfer of a knife from him to me, I’ve thanked my knife for saving my life, and various other things over the past 20 plus years.

There’s a whole array of excellent sailing knives and multitools available in the current flurry of Black Friday boating deals, but the best one is the one you can carry with you most of the time (when it’s legal to do so).

Beware that in some countries and territories it is illegal to carry a knife with a blade larger than a certain length without a very good reason. Keep your knife safely tucked away on your boat or RV in a place you can find it easily or within a dedicated pocket of your sailing foul weather gear or lifejacket.

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Victorinox SwissChamp Multitool | Save 43% at Amazon
Was: $125 Now: $70
This SwissChamp model from Victorinox  has a few additional tools that mine doesn’t have, such as mini scissors and a small saw blade. It’s an excellent knife and multitool for anyone who ever has practical things to do on the go.

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Victorinox SwissChamp Multitool | Save 30% at Amazon
Was: £104.99 Now: £72
The UK version of this Black Friday Victorinox deal isn’t quite as good (isn’t that so often the case) but it’s still a decent £32 off.

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I’ve had my Victorinox Knife for nearly 20 years. It’s still as good today as it was when I got it.

It’s got me out of some seriously sticky moments, including when I had to sever all of my running rigging on my yacht when I dismasted in the Atlantic. It is extra special because it was a gift from my dad, so I can’t help feeling like it’s a helping hand from him whenever I reach for it.

I’ve used the little pliers loads too, to undo stuck valves on my bicycle and to fix various metal clips and fittings. I’ve used the bottle opener too, the screw driver bits and pretty much every tool onboard. The one in this Black Friday deal has more tools onboard than my own model, so you get even more bang for your buck.

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