Every sailor needs a knife or multitool that will deal with an array of situations, not just to 'hack and slice'.
The Victorinox Skippers Knife has some well thought out tools onboard and is worth considering as an essential item to stow in your knife pocket.
I've used it for well over 10 years am very impressed with it so far. It might even be the best sailing knife I've used.

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Victorinox Skipper Pro Knife


  • Robust construction, well balanced, good quality materials. Suitable for an array of sailing and boating purposes with versatile tools. Has stood the test of time very well.


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Best sailing knife tested- Victorinox Skipper Pro

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victorinox skipper pro sailing knife long term tested review. best sailing knife five star review

Victorinox Skipper Pro sailing knife long term tested. Best sailing knife five star review

Victorinox Skipper Pro Knife

In my family there’s a funny little tradition of crossing a palm with silver if you’re given a knife as a present. And so it was when my dad handed this knife to me years ago. I think I had to rummage about in my pocket for a silver coin, a twenty pence piece I think it was. The exchange was made and now this knife would never be used against me or so it goes.

Price: £52.90 / $106

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victorinox skipper pro sailing knife long term tested review. best sailing knife five star review well balanced in the hand

The Victorinox Skippers knife is balanced in the hand and reassuringly solid feeling.

victorinox skipper pro sailing knife long term tested review. small pliers demonstrated

The pliers have been used for so many tasks, from pulling on bits of cordage to removing staples from the back of upholstery boards, to unscrewing valves on inner tubes of a folding bike. They won’t replace a dedicated set of needle nosed pliers or conventional pliers but these will help you out in a whole host of situations where in a make do and mend mode. Rigging clips are a case in point.

victorinox skipper pro sailing knife long term tested review. best sailing knife five star review knife deployed showing lock release button

The serrated knife blade has a locking release slide on the side of the main body. It pulls out easily but with good friction resistance stopping it from being loose and stows away again easily with the slide release button.  Although the button is plastic, you can see this button, having been in use for over 10 years is still in perfect working order and is still firm and positive in use. It’s still sharp despite plenty of action over the years. I used this to help cut away my running rigging after a dismasting. I have a few sailing knives, but I consider this particular one my best sailing knife.

One of my favourite tools, and perhaps the most used, is the shackle key and marlin spike/mousing spike. I’ve used this to mouse practically every line on my boat, ever. And also the lines on countless other boats I’ve worked on or been guest on. It’s tapered towards the tip allowing a really easy pass through even the most densely packed braids. It’s never deformed and, though it has signs of use, it is still going strong many years and hundreds of rope spikes later.

Hidden in the end of the tool is a pair of tweezers and a tooth pick. I’ve used the tweezers to pull out some fibreglass strands in the past but they usually get very little use.

Also in the Victorinox Skippers knife tool inventory is a Phillips screwdriver, a flat head screwdriver, a bottle opener, can opener and a corkscrew.


Legal Disclaimer: In the United Kingdom it is illegal to carry a lethal weapon without a legitimate reason and a knife with a blade larger than 7.5cm or 3 inches that locks, such as the one in this review will require you to have a good reason to be carrying it. We always advise you seek clarity from local bylaws if you are unsure and to stow any bladed items well out of sight and out of easy reach in public when you must carry your knife to or from your home to your boat etc. Future cannot be held responsible for any legal action taken if you are found to be using or carrying this knife illegally.

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I love this Skippers knife from Victorinox and consider it one the most essential pieces of my skippers tool box, whether on my own boat or skippering someone else's. For value for money I really don't know of a better sailing knife.