The Arcona 415 comes with electric propulsion as standard, continuing the brand's move towards more eco-friendly production yachts

The new Arcona 415 is pitched as the first series-produced yacht with electric propulsion as standard.

Arcona already has a long history of developing boats with optional electric motors, dating back to the 380Z (for Zero emissions), which was launched in 2015. As well as the electric motor, this boat was fitted with a large array of solar panels, including some that were laminated into the cloth of the mainsail.

Since then, much has changed to make such a yacht more practical. The cost of solar panels is continuing to fall, for instance, and there are now more options for regeneration of electricity using the propeller when sailing.

However, arguably the biggest and most important advances have been in lithium-ion batteries. These are gaining 20% more power each year, while remaining the same physical size and cost. Today you can therefore buy a battery pack with double the power of one four years ago, for the same money.

As with other designs from the Arcona yard, the 415 is a powerful performance cruiser. It’s based on the existing 10-year-old Arcona 410, with updates and modifications including a more open transom and larger windows, both in the coachroof and hull.

The standard motor is a 15kW Oceanvolt unit that gives equivalent thrust to a 50hp diesel. A 19kW bank of lithium-ion batteries is fitted as standard. There’s also a service bank of two 90Ah AGM batteries. “Electric is here to stay,” says Arcona’s CEO Urban Lagnéus. “Our performance cruisers will always sail beautifully, but in light winds, when you need to use the engine, electric propulsion is the way forward.”

Arcona 415 specifications

LOA: 12.2m / 40ft 0in
Beam: 3.9m / 12ft 10in
Draught: 2.0, 2.2 or 2.5m / 6ft 7in, 7ft 3in or 8ft 2in
Displacement: 7,800kg / 17,200lb
Price: €345,347 ex VAT

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