We've tested the Intex Challenger inflatable kayak heavily for 10 years and it's still going strong, so it's definitely worth buying during Black Friday week sales

The single-person Intex Challenger is the best Black Friday inflatable kayak deal that we have seen so far and is now the cheapest it has been since last Black Friday.

Cards on the table, we’ve not tested the single person model, but our kayak tester, Drew Maglio has been using the two-person version for over 10 years and he reports that it still looks and behaves like new even after a fair amount of abuse. The single version is constructed in exactly the same way, with the same features, it is just smaller, so we’ve no reason to believe that the single person Intex Challenger would be any different.

The Challenger features a fully-inflatable construction, detachable skeg that slides into place, and inflatable seats that are actually very comfortable.

Compared to rigid kayaks, the Challenger is also much easier to handle and carry because it is so light and as it’s an inflatable boat it can also be bent and manipulated easily.

Set up takes all of five minutes, while breakdown takes about ten minutes to clean any sand and squeeze out all of the air – the latter task is greatly sped by the included proprietary valve for rapid deflation.

Intex Challenger single-seat kayak | Save 56% at Amazon
Was: $169.99, now: $74.50
This should be a great little single-seat inflatable kayak for anyone wanting to get out on the water in a cheap and light package. This deal is the cheapest we have seen the kayak offered since this time last year.

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Intex Challenger two-seat kayak | Save 49% at Amazon
Was: $299.99, now: $116.99
This is a fairly long way from the cheapest we have seen this kayak offered, and it has been cheaper this year. However, it’s a great bit of kit that we have tested extensively, so if you really have your heard set on the 2-seater this could be the option for you.

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Note: We’ve included a link to the two-person Challenger as well here. It’s a great bit of kit and at its current price of $116.99, it is cheaper than the average price, so if you’re specifically after the two-seater option and you want it right now, then it might be right for you. Personally, I would caution against it as it’s likely to be cheaper in the future.  

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