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? Free 80-page magazine
SuperSail World
Superyacht special – read about the world’s top yachts
The superyachting industry is awash with magazines covering almost every discipline in this burgeoning sector of the sport, most of them dominated by motor yachts. But none concentrates solely on large sailing yachts. SuperSail World aims to change all that.

With the next issue of Yachting World watch out for the first edition of this free 80-page special devoted entirely to large sailing yachts. We select our favourite yachts in five categories, take a fresh look at the growing J Class, look at what’s about to launch and review the burgeoning number of regattas for superyachts, including the spectacular Superyacht Cup, due to be held in Palma, Mallorca, in June 2007.

We’ll also be looking at tenders for yachts, entertainment systems, and toys – everything from submarines to hot air balloons. FREE with the October issue of Yachting World, on sale 14 September.
? Competition
Win a £3,000 Digital Yacht CF200 on board PC, complete with Nobeltech charting system

? Keeping it simple
Two types of yacht, a century or more apart in concept but both sharing the KISS principle. We look at the new generation of pilot cutters launched, which combine function and simplicity, and consider the phenomenon of the Class 40 solo or short-handed racer. You can buy one off the shelf for little more than your average cruising boat and take on the world

? Charters – caveat emptor?
What happens when a charter goes wrong? We look at a charterer’s responsibilities.

PLUS David Pugh goes transatlantic with the Clipper Race, we look at laying up and fitting out priorities and review the Cork and Cowes summer regattas.
Contents may differ from those listed.