Was Mirabella’s anchor too small?

Disturbing questions of prodedure aboard large sailing yachts and the way the weight for anchors is calculated are highlighted in a critical official report on what happened when Mirabella V,…

Mirabella V, take two

More details of why Mirabella V ran aground in the south of France last year have emerged as she prepares to leave her builder VT for the second time

Mirabella still aground

Eye witness reports from the shore adjacent to where Mirabella V is stranded say there are alarming cracking noises coming from the rig or keel

YW's RIB pulls Full Pelt from the Brambles Bank after a keel failure leaves her aground during Cowes Week

Another slow day of racing at Skandia Cowes Week - the highlights including watching Coulthard being forced to retire and Chris Law running aground

Stars & Stripes goes aground

Just over a month since Dennis Conner's Stars & Stripes USA 77 sank, their second boat USA 66 has run aground...

Schooner runs aground off Oban

Spirit of Fairbridge, a 30m training schooner carrying 16 passengers, ran aground 10 miles north of Oban last night