The Gill Pro sailing glove are the top of the range summer sailing glove from Gill. Tech Editor, Fox Morgan has had these on test for 7 years. Here's the test review of the hardest working gloves in the kit bag.

Product Overview

Overall rating:


  • very hardwearing, pre-curved, comfortable


  • a little stiff can cause hand fatigue, pricey


Gill Pro Sailing Glove Longterm Test Review

Gill Pro Sailing glove

The Gill Pro sailing glove has been a stalwart in my sailing inventory for years and they’re still going strong.

These top of the range Gill sailing gloves have sturdy leather palms and finger sides. The backs have flexible materials and the cuffs are made with a comfortable stretch neoprene.

The sides of the palms have a really durable strong patch that can been called into action time and again and has saved my hands from an array of injuries has I not been wearing them.

I have relatively soft small hands. I’m not a gnarly handed sailor, despite the sea miles I put in. SO these gloves get pulled out of the stash pocket when the going gets tough. These aren’t my every day wear them all the time gloves, but I break these out on times of need. Such as when I have to handle a mooring line covered in barnacles. Or there’s a particularly lively spinnaker line that needs constant attending to.

They are in remarkably good condition give then years I’ve had them and in terms of value per wear, they are right up there with the best, despite their slightly pricey initial purchase cost.

They have saved my hands numerous times from certain injury and take on the knocks, bangs and flying ropes with aplomb.

My only gripe with these is that due to their sturdy build, I find my hands get tired and I lose some dexterity when wearing them. Unlike my Gill Championship gloves that I can wear all day without fatigue and virtually forget I’m wearing them.

Otherwise, these are absolutely brilliant sailing gloves from Gill.

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