Whether on watch in the cockpit, or with friends on the beach, a portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker will put a smile on your face, and the Fusion StereoActive is one of the best on the market

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Fusion StereoActive


  • Dual 2.5in 40W directional speakers
  • Chunky casing
  • Puck mounting system


  • Bulky and weighty


Fusion StereoActive review: This waterproof speaker packs an audible punch

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There is a good reason why the Fusion StereoActive should probably be at the top of the list for any sailor looking for a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

Designed and built by marine stereo specialists Fusion in New Zealand, the StereoActive has proved to be seriously robust on test – and it floats.

It’s designed to be paddleboard-compatible, with scalloped buttons shaped to allow them to be pressed by the paddle blade. A Puck mounting system allows it to be (really) securely fixed to a dinghy, paddleboard or kayak.

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In practice, the StereoActive is a comparatively large, yet user-friendly speaker that packs a proper audible punch. Dual 2.5in 40W directional speakers, together with an amplifier, are housed in the chunky casing, which is waterproof to IPx7 standards.

The StereoActive has been my speaker of choice, both at home and on the boat, for more than 18 months. Even for those with a good stereo system on board, this makes a great primary or back-up boom box for the cockpit.

The AM/FM tuner aspect is an added bonus. The size and weight is the StereoActive’s one slight drawback, but arguably this aspect boosts confidence in its durability.

Available with an ActiveSafe base, which is a waterproof, buoyant case for housing small valuables like phone, keys and cards (sold separately for around £100), the Fusion StereoActive retails at around £229 / $199.

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