The ACR Bivy stick satellite messenger was much anticipated on its re-release in 2022. We take a closer look at it and see if it's a match for the competition

Product Overview

Overall rating:


  • easy app interface, roll over credits, you keep the same number, works on Iridium network


  • not ruggedized, no built in screen,


ACR Bivy stick satellite messenger review

best satellite messenger - Bivy

ACR Bivy stick satellite messenger

Best messenger and tracker to retain same phone number

The Bivy Stick satellite messenger and Bivy App from ACR transforms your smartphone into a satellite communicator.

There are no activation fees; simply connect your phone to the Bivy Stick via Bluetooth to access the Iridium satellite network. (a contract is required, just to be clear, this isn’t a free service)

Features including two-way SMS messaging, SOS calls, location sharing, one-touch Check-in, and in-depth weather reports sent to your smartphone.

On activation you are assigned a dedicated phone number and email allowing you to maintain the same contact details throughout, unlike some other systems that assign a new number with each message making it impossible for outsiders to initiate contact. In the past I have used a sat device that gives me a random number which can be confusing when contacting friends and family initially. The bivy stick does away with that.

The Bivy App gives stats including current pace, mileage, altitude, as well as offline maps.

Typical mid range user contract might look like

PLUS plan based annually (monthly plans are also available)

Cost Per month £24.99
80 Credits
Overage Charge Per Credit: £0.50/Credit
Dedicated Phone Number & Email
Includes Tri-Network Coverage
Satellite, Cell, or Wifi
Unlimited Check-In Messages
Customisable preset messages with GPS coordinates


Dimensions: 11.35 cm x 4.7 cm x 2.11 cm
Weight: 100grams
Waterproofing: IP67
SOS button: 24/7 monitoring provided by Global Rescue

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