Music festivals, regattas, cricket and carnivals - there's so much to do in a Caribbean season.

ARC 2009 - Carribean

Most sailors know that in the Eastern Caribbean you can sail to a different island every day for weeks on end, borne on the tradewinds to palm-edged ports of call. But do you also know that you can spend a season cruising from one lively, boat-friendly event to the next? Rollicking regattas, seaside music festivals, cricket and carnivals add spice to this supreme natural cruising ground.

If you make a December landfall in the Windward Islands, you can begin 2010 with a bang at Fort-de-France, Martinique, on 30 December, or Admiralty Bay, Bequia, on 31 December. These anchorages provide front-row viewing for waterfront fireworks displays.

In Martinique, the fireworks are launched at around 2100 from historic harbour-side Fort Louis, and shops in this picturesque French Caribbean capital stay open late on this festive evening (Martiniquais traditionally spend the next night with family).

In Bequia on Old Year’s Night, you’ll have a blast on a bayside pub crawl from restaurant to hotel to beach bar as corks pop and fireworks explode over the anchorage at midnight.

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