Two more teams sign up for the next Cup, but who are they, asks Matthew Sheahan

It seems that the uncertainty as to whether the 33rd America’s Cup will happen at all in 2009 has encouraged some of those that were waiting in the wings to take the plunge.

Earlier today, (Tuesday 20 Nov), Mascalzone Latino announced its participation in the next America’s Cup. Then came news of a second Spanish team, Team Ayre representing Real Club Náutico de Denia.

“Following on from the successes of the 32nd America’s Cup we decided that we want to be part of this event. We believe that the 33rd edition is going to provide yet more fantastic moments and now just hope that we can get on with the competition,” said Syndicate head Pedro Perelló in a press release issued by ACM.

So, two more teams takes the number of Challengers to seven, or does it? The press release went on to claim that the other team had entered but wished to remain anonymous before going on to raise the ante again with a further claim.

‘In addition to Ayre’s entry, there is one other new team whose challenge has already been confirmed, but who has requested confidentiality pending its own announcement,’ read the release. ‘In fact, the number of entered Challengers for the 33rd America’s Cup could increase over the coming days, as there are two more teams who have started filing the necessary registering documents with the event organiser.

Was one of these Mascalzone Latino and how likely are the additional two?

Once again, there seem to be more questions than answers, although at the current pace we shouldn’t have to wait too long for the answer.