First Race Day with a strong breeze and three broken masts

(Lübeck, 6th July 1998) With two fast races for the X-99-boats and one race for the Nordic Folkeboats the Lübecker Yacht-Club celebrated with this World Championship Week a great prelude of the race cercuit for the impressive 100 year anniversary race program. Gusts up to 8 Beaufort stressed the crews and material of the 53 X-Yachts and 57 Folkeboats. Three of the ten meter long X- Yachts came back to the habour with broken masts, one Folkeboat got a broken boom and two sailors asked for medical care. In both classes, with crews from eight nations, German boats won the first races. The German Crew from Hamburg of Andreas Chrisiansen won first in front of the boat of the Lübecker Yacht- Club of Christian Rosehr, third was Walter Muhs, a German too. The Daenish Erik Andreasen, the favorite, made a fourth place. In the field of the X-99, Gerd Knospe of Reinbek in Germany is placed first after the todays two races. Gerd Knospe, a former cadre sailor of the German Democratic Republic, finished on second and ninth rank. ” That was a strong work outside, ” admitted Knospe, who was sailing here at Travemünde with a real amateur-crew. Placed on the second rank are two yachts, the “www-X-DK” from Denmark with the owner Martin Bonnen and the German Crew “Jump and Run” of Claus Nehring.

Results Gold-Cup Nordic Folkeboat 1st Race and Results 1. Anders Christiansen (Hamburg/ GER) 0 points 2. Stefan Rosehr, (Lübeck/GER) 3 3. Walter Muhs (Schleswig/GER) 5,7 4. Erik Andreasen (Kerteminde/DK) 8,0 5. Torben Olesen (Arhus/DK) 10 6. Ulf T. Kipcke (Neumünster/GER) 11,7 7. Rainer Hasselmann (Essen/GER) 13 8. Walter Furthmann (Kiel/GER) 14 9. Ralf Hofer (SchenefeldGER) 15 10. Lars-Gunnar Lindberg (Saltsjö-Bo/Swe) 16

World Championship X-99 1st Race 1. Jens Kjaersgaard (Hellerup/DK) 1 2. Gerd Knospe (ReinbekGER) 2 3. Johny Jensen (Sonderborg/DK) 3 4. Dirk Manno (FlensburgGER) 4 5. Lars Thiellesen (Aabenraa/DK) 5 6. Jörgen Maack (Sönderborg/DK) 6 7. Hendrik Kautz (Konstanz/GER) 7 8. Claus Nehrig (HamburgGER) 8 9. Cornelis Slippens (Amsterdam/NED) 9 10. Martin Bonnen (Farum/DK) 10

2nd Race 1. Martin Bonnen (FarumDK) 1 2. Lars Hellman (Täby/SWE) 2 3. Claus Nehrig (Hamburg/GER) 3 4. Uwe Stegen (Dassendorf/GER) 4 5. Hendrik Kautz (KonstanzGER) 5 6. Bernhard Seger (Bottighofen/SUI) 6 7. Gerd Knospe (Reinbek/GER) 7 8. Jürgen Klinghardt (Bremen/GER) 8 9. Lars Thiellesen (Aabenraa/DK) 9 10. Andreas Benkert (Stade/GER) 10

Results after 2 Races 1. Gerd Knospe (Reinbek/GER) 9 2. Claus Nehrig (Hamburg/GER) 11 3. Martin Bonnen (Farum/DK) 11 4. Hendrik Kautz (Konstanz/GER) 12 5. Jens Kjaersgaard (Hellerup/DK) 12 6. Lars Thiellesen (Aabenraa/DK) 14 7. Dirk Manno (Flensburg/DK) 18 8. Johny Jensen (Sonderborg/DK) 19 9. Lars Hellman (Täby/DK) 25 10. Thomas Decker (Landkirchen/GER) 25