Ocean Sailing Seminar aims to help sailors make the transition to offshore passage making

If you have ever harboured thoughts of taking your boat on a round-the world trip, then a seminar hosted by the World Cruising Club could be just the ticket.

The club, who organise the annual Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, have put together an all-inclusive programme, designed to offer advice to budding round-the-world skippers and crew.

Taking place in Guildford over the first weekend in March (6th-8th), the event combines talks by fellow sailors and industry experts with practical how-to guides.

For those wishing to advance their sailing from coastal cruising to blue water passage making, the seminar could prove invaluable, with discussions on essential topics like crew management, communications, and safety equipment.

“An excellent programme that I would recommend to anybody considering joining the ARC – or making a long passage. Very well organised right down to the table plans which encouraged gave good opportunities to meet others and encouraged debate.”

Ian Foreshew, past participant

The package includes attendance, accomodation and food and is priced at £455 per person. For full details of the entry fee and to register, click HERE.



Ocean Sailing SeminarNotes:

Full topics covered across the event:

Outfitting your boat for offshore cruising-  how to convert your boat from a coastal cruiser to an offshore passage-maker and the equipment you need to consider

Sails and Rigging – are your sails ready for offshore? Choosing and maintaining your sails. Top tips for maintaining your rig and selecting the right downwind sailplan.

Managing your Boat and Crew Offshore – tips on crew management, watch keeping and running a good ship.

Safety Equipment – what equipment you will need and how to use it to keep your crew safe

Power Management – how to do a power audit; understanding batteries and charging methods.

Communications Systems for Offshore – how to keep in contact and get weather forecasts at sea

Enjoying Life At Sea – it is fun to go sailing – what its really like — including tips for provisioning

Understanding Ocean Weather – learn the tricks for crossing oceans safely

Timeline to Departure – most important things to remember before you set off

For full information visit www.worldcruising.com/training