Armel Tripon has now established firm control over the fleet and leads by over 60 miles while Sam Manuards limps towards the coast

For the second time in a week, the leading competitor in the Mini Transat race has broken his mast. Like Jonathan McKee last Friday, Sam Manuard’s mast broke at the top spreader forcing the rig to come tumbling down in over 30kts of wind in the early hours of yesterday morning. He immediately triggered his distress beacon indicating he had a problem but did not need assistance. Fortunately he was able to salvage the mainsail and has set it on a jury rig and is currently heading towards the coast of Brazil.

Bad news maybe for Manuard but Armel Tripon has now established firm control over the fleet and leads by over 60 miles from Alex Pella as he heads towards the finish line.

The south-easterly winds which have been raging for 48 hours continue with gusts of up to 30kts. In these difficult conditions, Manuard has decided to change course and head for Aracaju, 60 miles away from his current position. It is not clear at this stage whether Manuard is continuing to race or is planning to retire but he still retains fifth position.

Michel Mirabel in his Pogo2 is leading the production fleet by just two miles from Erwan Tymen.

The British sailor Ian Munslow is in 20th position while teammate James Bird holds on to 50th and Cian McCarthy, the young Irish competitor is in 22nd place.

Latest postitions

1 151 Armel Tripon MOULIN ROTY proto S124626 W0375364 0044.6 miles to the finish

2 240 Alex Pella AQUATEC – SANTIVERI – TEXKNIT proto S115638 W0372090 0100.4 miles to the finish

3 347 Pierre Rolland EXTRADO proto S113630 W0370773 0123.9 miles to the finish

4 260 Richard Mérigeaux BON PIED BON OEIL proto S112408 W0370306 0136.1 miles to the finish

5 431 Samuel Manuard TIP TOP TOO – LE GRAU DU ROI PORT CAMARGUE proto S112480 W0362713 0160.6 miles to the finish

6 354 Bruno Garcia SALADINO proto S110163 W0363668 0170.0 miles to the finish

7 353 Willy Garcia CEYLAN DIAMANTES proto S104691 W0362615 0187.9 miles to the finish

8 312 Pascal Doin ASNQ proto S104830 W0362180 0189.7 miles to the finish

9 303 Enrico Podesta DIABOLO-SLAM proto S105065 W0355701 0205.3 miles to the finish

10 139 François Cuinet REGLISSE proto S103153 W0355950 0216.9 miles to the finish