Team GBR achieved four podium places in the eight out of 11 disciplines they competed in during last week’s Kiel Week.

In the Tornado class Rob Wilson and Will Howden were on course for a first place position. However, they had an unfortunate last day with a dispute over a black flag call, which resulted in them slipping to eighth place. This was a disappointing blow to them, they have been sailing very well this season, and have already achieved a first place in the Dutch Nationals in May.

The GBR sailors showed their force in the 49er fleet with Paul Brotherton and Simon Hiscocks dominating first position throughout the Regatta. Ian Barker and Harvey Hillary also took a podium place finishing third with equal points to second position. Chris Draper and Mark Asquith were in the top 10 with eighth place.

In the Mistral classes windsurfing took another historic step with Nick Dempsey (first) and Natasha Sturges (second) posting GBR’s best ever results on the Mistral Board at a grade 1 regatta. The Mistral WCP sailors which includes Dominic Tidey, who posted a personal best with an eighth place in Kiel, will be especially happy with there results as Kiel was there last chance to measure themselves before the Europeans and worlds in August.

Paul Goodison suffered a disappointing last two days in the Laser class slipping from the top three result, he held in the first half of the Regatta, to a final result of 12th place. Jim Taylor achieved a good result with 10th place.

In the 470 classes Graham Vials and Dan Newman finished in ninth place in the Mens Fleet, coach Adam Bowers said: “They were disappointed with the results, which is a good sign, as a year ago they would have been delighted with these results, showing they are aiming for the top!” In the women’s fleet, Jose Gibson and Saskia Clark finished 12th and Christina Bassadone and Jenny Healey 16th.

Overall Results

Tornado (after 10 races)

1. (AUT) Roman Hagara/Hans Peter Steinacher 10,4,10,3,5,4,1,2,1,1 (21pts)

2. (ARG) Santiago Lange/Carlos Espinola 3,14,4,2,12,5,2,7,10,2 (35pts)

3. (GER) Helge Sach/Christian Sach 5,5,12,1,4,7,3,6,18,5 (36pts)

8. (GBR) Rob Wilson/Will Howden 4,1,1,10,10,2,DNE,1,DNC,DNC (79pts)

10. (GBR) Leigh Mcmillan/Mark Bulkeley 7,12,7,7,9,15,6,16,21,DNF (79pts)

16. (GBR) Steven Lovegrove/Martin Sellars 23,16,17,14,17,14,14,5,15,15 (110pts)

49er (after 13 races)

1. (GBR) Paul Brotherton/Simon Hiscocks 1,2,1,2,13,1,2,2,4,4,1,8,9 (28pts)

2. (UKR) Rodion Luka/Georgiy Leonchuk 10,5,6,14,8,5,1,1,1,8,3,3,4 (47pts)

3. (GBR) Ian Barker/Harvey Hillary 1,2,1,3,4,3,16,3,2,12,9,dnc,7 (47pts)

8. (GBR) Chris Draper/Mark Asquith 6,1,7,6,17,11,5,5,7,23,8,6,18 (80pts)

Laser (after 15 races)

1. (SWE) Daniel Birgmark 12,1,1,3,2,1,1,1,2,2,4,23,4,1,4 (24pts)

2. (FIN) Roope Suomalainen 8,3,2,6,2,15,1,1,1,1,7,BFD,1,6,8 (39 pts)

3. (BRA) Robert Scheidt 3,4,5,3,1,8,5,2,1,4,1,3,5,11,DNC (43 pts)

10. (GBR) Jim Taylor 3,2,18,4,2,7,10,3,14,11,13,17,19,13,30 (94pts)

12. (GBR) Paul Goodison 1,1,6,2,1,,2,4,BFD,2,DSQ,BFD,9,3,17,20 (102 pts)

Mistral Women (11 races)

1. (HKG) Lai Shan Lee 1,1,2,3,3,1,2,2,1,13,5 (16 pts)

2. (GBR) Natasha Sturgess 4,4,5,4,2,2,4,1,6,2,7 (28 pts)

3. (JPN) Masako Imai 6,5,6,2,7,4,3,3,2,7,4 (35 pts)

Mistral Mens (11 races)

1. (GBR) Nick Dempsey 2,8,2,2,1,1,2,4,1,2,2 (20 pts)

2. (POR) Joao Rodrigues 1,3,7,7,3,BFD,3,8,2,6,3 (43 pts)

3. (FRA) Alexandre Guyader 6,9,3,2,6,3,3,9,5,4,4 (45 pts)

8. (GBR) Dominic Tidey 5,11,1,6,2,4,9,24,7,16,9 (83 pts)

470 Men (13 races)

1. (ITA) GabrioZandona/Andrea Trani 3,5,3,2,1,2,2,2,7,3,15,1,13 (39pts)

2. (GRE) Kosmatopoulos/Trigonis 8,1,9,3,2,1,3,7,1,5,7,RDG,RDG 39.6pts)

3. (GER) Lucas Zellmer/Felix Krabbe 3,15,4,4,8,1,1,1,15,9,4,5,9 49 pts)

9. (GBR) Graham Vials/Dan Newman 2,ZFP,7,8,13,16,1,24,ZFP,8,3,16,14 (105 pts)

470 Women(13