Will the Twelfth prove to be Glorious today for yachtsmen as well as shooters, thanks to a move in dates for Skandia Cowes Week?

Tradition dictates that Skandia Cowes Week commences the first Saturday after the last Tuesday in July. That being so it usually falls between Goodwood and the Glorious Twelfth – the start of the grouse shooting season – in the social calendar. But for the first time since 1903 it’s happening a week later. The change has nothing at all to do with birds or beasts but is happening because of spring tides.

Moving the date means that competitors will benefit by not having to battle against strong tidal streams. Stuart Quarrie, director of Cowes Combined Clubs commented: “I think that really shows how the attitude of the various Cowes Week clubs have changed. Not many years ago the idea of change would have been frowned upon and it would never happened. The clubs now understand that it’s better to listen to the sailors.”