EDS, sponsors of the EDS Atlantic Challenge, have announced two new trophies for the fastest 24-hour speed times for the monohull record and the outright record

EDS, sponsors of the EDS Atlantic Challenge, have announced two new trophies aimed at encouraging extreme performances from the world’s fastest sailboats. Trophies for two categories will be sponsored. The EDS 24-hour Monohull World Speed Record trophy will be awarded to the monohull that sets a new 24-hour speed record, and the EDS 24-hour World Speed Record trophy will be awarded to any yacht that records the fastest 24-hour speed time. In keeping with the EDS Atlantic Challenge race strapline, ‘Extreme Performance – No Limits,’ the awards are designed to encourage sailors to achieve excellence by pushing the limits, break existing speed records and set new ones.

“We have long believed that these magnificent Open 60 yachts, and the giant multihulls have not been sailed to their full potential, and by offering this beautiful trophy we expect to see the existing records demolished,” Gordon Moultrie, EDS Vice President EMEA said when announcing the prize:

“Open 60s are among the world’s fastest sailboats and now for the first time, with a full crew on board during the EDS Atlantic Challenge, we hope to see some extraordinary speeds and records broken.”

He continued, “Multihulls also have room for improvement. They are phenomenal machines.”

The distance sailed needs to be at least one mile greater than the previous record in order to be ratified by the World Speed Sailing Ratification Committee, the body that oversees new records. Timed position reports from the vessel must be GPS (Global Satellite Positioning) positions which are then transmitted onwards to an approved base station. These positions must be collected and forwarded without any action by the crew on the vessel.

Sir Chay Blyth, head of the Challenge Business, the organisers of the EDS Atlantic Challenge welcomed the announcement, “We planned to create an event that would encourage excellence and performance among the competitors. The announcement of this trophy adds to the excitement of the race and I am sure will be sought after by all the skippers.”

Among the competitors participating in the EDS Atlantic Challenge is Roland Jourdain, skipper of Sill Plein Fruit, the current holder of the solo 24-hour monohull record. Jourdain set this solo record during the recent Vendee Globe 2001 when he sailed an unbelievable 435.3 miles. When the trophy was announced an optimistic Jourdain was one of the first skippers to welcome the news. “I look forward to being the holder of both the solo and crewed 24-hour records. I am sure that I have the team and the boat to do this. We just hope for the right conditions.”

The current monohull 24-hour record stands at 467.7 miles and is held by Bernard Stamm aboard Superbbigou (named Armor Lux-Foie Graz Bizac when the record was set). The multihull record is held by Grant Dalton aboard Club Med, set in February while participating in The Race. That record stands at 655.2 nautical miles in one 24-hour period.