Cork winners of this year's trophy

Three guns signalled the end of racing and secured the winning scoreline for Cork’s Anthony O’Leary and the crew of Antix, the Corby 35 which was awarded the overall Bell Lawrie Scottish Series Trophy for the best overall performance in the 173 boat fleet.

Crewed by three times Irish Laser champion, Peter Curson as tactician and Eddie English, Tom Durcan, Brian Lennon, Peter O’Flynn, David Meacher, Hugh Cassidy, Adam McCarhty and Tom Hegarty, the Crosshaven crew will take Scotland’s most prestigious sailing trophy back to Cork Week.

Keith Miller’s Swan 45 Crackerjack won Class 1, Miller, who has had a succession of Swan yachts was supported by a strong crew of Crackerjack regulars including navigator Titch Blachford and tactician Murray Findlay.

But it was the Class 2 victors that won the overall trophy. Crosshaven, Cork’s Anthony O’Leary won in this highly competitive fleet with the Corby 35 Antix which he owns alongside the 1720 Cork One Design which he also campaigns. Antix escaped to victory only a single point ahead of the Bavaria Match 38 of John Corson. The defending overall Bell Lawrie Scottish Series Trophy Ruairidh and Graeme Scott prevailed in the 1720 Cork One Design class. They posted three back to back wins on Monday to clinch the class.

In the Sigma 33 class there was a win for Paul Scutt and his team on Carmen. Long standing campaigners in the fleet they have steadily progressed up the fleet.

Bell Lawrie Scottish Series results

IRC Class 1 1. Crackerjack, (K Miller) 14Pts 2. Dark Angel (E Coneely) 19pts 3. Fever/Swantastic (Gordon/Diederichs) 22pts

IRC Class 2 1. Antix (A O’Leary) 20pts 2. Salamander (J Corson) 21pts 3. Tundra (Sharp/McCormac) 24 pts

IRC Class 3 1. Miss Tuttles (G Firth) 17 pts 2. Hops (I McLean) 19pts 3. Bite the Bullet II (I & H Paterson) 21 pts

IRC Class 4: 1. Benola (P Gregory) 18 pts 2.Gan’Farr (Duthie/Jack) 22 pts 3. Bambi (P Doig) 23pts

CYCA Class 6 1. Sweedish Lady (I Harris) 8 pts 2. Valhalla of Ashton (F Dunnet) 8 pts 3. Guilty (T D Clow) 11 pts

Sigma 33 Class 1. Carmen (P Scutt) 10 pts 2. Sigmatic (D McLean) 21 pts 3. St Joan (I Nicholson) 23 pts

National Sonata Class 1. High and Dry (M Price) 17 pts 2. Scruples (C Tait) 17 pts 3. Saraband (M Taylor) 19 pts

1720 Sportboat 1. King Quick (R & G Scott) 8 pts 2. The Big L (C Frize) 15 pts 3. ADT Fire & Security (S Douglas) 22 pts

Sportboat Class 1. Warthog (A & S Lightbown) 10 pts 2. Baby Blue (J & B Shelly) 20 pts 3. Carolyn (N Rosie) 21 pts

CYCA Class 7 1. Mosika Alma (M Goodwin) 5 pts 2. Ailish II (W Malone) 8 pts 3. Mellow Moment (A Rodger) 10 pts

CYCA Class 8 1. Blueprint (A Boslem) 7 pts 2. Lindisfarne II (J Pearson) 9 pts 3. Upstart (E Thomas) 10 pts

CYCA Restricted Sail Class 9 1. Zara of Doon (Wilson/Lyall) 5 pts 2. Skerryvore II (E Buchanan) 10 pts 3. Sea-Quin (M Broadbent) 11 pts

CYCARestricted Sail Class 10 1. Mersonary (R Angus) 4 pts 2. Skibbereen(Pilkington/Anderson) 8 pts 3. Monkey Business (C Craig) 11 pts.