Dutch yard Royal Huisman has introduced two new concepts for aluminium-built sail and powered super-cats

“This is not a change in direction; it is an expansion of possibilities,” says Jan Timmerman, CEO of the 136-year-old Dutch yard. “There are very few multihulls in the superyacht world, but that could easily change.”

Timmerman points to Asia for his optimism about the large multihull market, following a rise in entry-level multihulls in that region over the last two decades. Royal Huisman’s new designs should offer worldwide appeal, however. Both the 33.5m/116ft sailing and 36.2m/119ft power versions are designed entirely by Berret Racoupeau.

“A real superyacht catamaran can be designed to suit a private owner, or would make an excellent charter vessel,” says Olivier Racoupeau. “Many 7-star resort operators are very keen on the versatility of just such a superyacht, that will allow guests to explore more exotic destinations and further afield than is presently possible.”

Racoupeau has maintained a visual aesthetical appeal in his designs and the sailing cat, with its distinctive reverse sheerline, certainly looks as if it will perform well. But there is also a particular focus on the indoor/outdoor experience, with vast open areas including a beach club and hinged side windows that open onto wide side decks. Corporate and family entertaining are big priorities in Asia, according to Royal Huisman.

The saloon has 67m2 floor area alone, and the owner’s cabin another 32m2. There are a further four guest cabins plus accommodation for four or five crewmembers. The tank sizes are also enormous, including 10,000 litres of fuel tankage.


LOA: 33.50m (116ft 4in)
LWL: 33.30m (109ft 9in)
Beam: 14.40m (47ft 2in)
Draught: 1.95m-5.00m (6ft 4in-16ft 4in)
Displacement: 145 tonnes (319,670 lbs)