Francesco de Angelis, skipper of Luna Rossa, on the dismasting.

Francesco de Angelis, skipper of Luna Rossa, on the dismasting: “Basically we broke the tip cup at the third spreader fitting and the cap shroud got disconnected.”

Francesco de Angelis, on fixing the rig: “There will be a little work to do on the mainsail. The rig broke quite cleanly so the rig can be fixed. We are replacing the rig right now and will go sailing for a short check late this evening.”

Peter Gilmour, skipper of Asura, on winning today: “I think we were going well today and those conditions are our sort of conditions. We like them quite a bit.”

Bertrand Pacé, skipper of Le Défi, on starting early: “I thought we were close to the limit but under the limit. When we did the first crossing and I saw the yellow flag up I was a little bit disappointed.”

Francesco de Angelis, on the starting line incident: “We tried to prevent him (AmericaOne) from going around the Committee Boat and there wasn’t much room left where they were able to go through. That opened the starting line to them while we had to stretch slightly on the right to come back and start.”

Bertrand Pacé, on genoa problems after the collision: “Unfortunately when we tried to hoist the jib, the feeder on the jib broke and the jib was torn. We were obliged to use another jib.”

Peter Gilmour, on the lack of a penalty on Monday: “At the time I was certainly not surprised. . . . However, in hindsight, looking at the video tape of it, it certainly looks a lot different from what I felt I saw on the boat. I must say in hindsight I am surprised that we didn’t get a penalty.”