Peyron and team cover 703 miles in 24 hours

Just 53 hours and 15 minutes in to her New York/ Cape Lizard record attempt Orange II has, subject to ratification, broken the world 24-hour sailing record. Bruno Peyron and crew beat the world record for the longest distance sailed in 24 hours covering 703 miles at an average speed of 29.29 knots since 1030 on Saturday evening.

The giant Orange continued at this pace for the whole of the night, only rarely falling below 30 knots on the speedo. She may well therefore better the time of this first record.

News from the boat this morning shows that at 0300 GMT she had crossed the half way line which puts her slightly in the lead, in comparison with the Atlantic record time held by the American Steve Fossett.

The 24 h record has been held since 13June 2002 by the British yachtsman Brian Thompson on board his maxi-catamaran Maiden II (ex-Club Med champion of The Race) with 694.78 miles at an average of 28.95 knots.

The Atlantic record: the record time for the Atlantic crossing has been held since 10 October 2001 by the American Steve Fossett on board the giant catamaran PlayStation with 4 days, 17 hours, 28 minutes and 6 seconds, at an average of 25.78 knots.

In order to beat PlayStation’s record, Orange II must cross the finish off The Lizard (GB), before 12 mins and 44 secs past 5 (CET) on Wednesday afternoon (25 August) or in other words 12 mins and 44 secs past 3 GMT that afternoon.