Two Fat Ladies wins last Sunday's National 12 open meeting at Henley

A total of 13 National 12s fought a three-race series on Sunday 26 September at Henley SC. In the first race Geoff Camm and Amelia Hall were early leaders. Half way round the first lap Dave and Jenny Wilkins took command and won by a good distance. John and Mandy Thornton worked their way through to finish third.

Race two saw Camm and Hall on course side at the start and having to return. They then picked up a fortuitous puff which propelled them into second place by the first mark behind Steve Gent and Viv Roberts. After a close tussle with initially John and Katy Meadowcroft and then the Thorntons they won the race.

It was a case of winner take all in the third race for the Thorntons, Wilkins or Camm and Hall. The Meadowcrofts took a substantial lead only eroded close to the finish, with Camm and Hall getting past the Thorntons to secure their overall victory, with the Meadowcrofts sneaking the old boats prize.

Two of the first five boats were more than thirty years old.

Overall Results

1 – N3488 – Two Fat Ladies, – Geoff Camm and Amelia Hall, Shoreham SC, 3 pts

2 – N2812 – Eric, – John and Katy Meadowcroft, Henley SC, 4 pts

3 – N3148 – Pillowtalk, – John and Mandy Thornton, Henley SC, 5 pts

4 – N3481 – Cooked to Perfection, – David and Jenny Wilkins, Spinnaker Club, 6 pts

5 – N2799 – Saranac, – Steve Gent and Viv Roberts, Henley SC, 8 pts