Quentin Monegier's yacht holed off Cape Verde Islands 15/10/07

Mini Transat sailor Quentin Monegier was airlifted by a French Naval helicopter on Saturday night at 11.15 pm off to Cape Verde. He is now safe aboard the frigate Le Germinal.

Monegie’s boat – a prototype -Tabonwas holed by an unidentified floating object and started to sink immediately forcing him to activate his e-track positioning system’s red alarm at 5.42 pm (French time). The frigate Le Germinal was redirected from 200 miles away and a Panther airlifted Monegier off the boat at 11.15 pm (French time) off Cape Verde.

Quentin is fine, but his repatriation will be complicated because the frigate that rescued him is apparently requested for military operation.