Justine Laymond became the first double lung transplantee to take part in the Clipper Race. She signed up for leg 8 (New York to UK) and wasn't sure what to expect...

Lungs went sailing cont 5

So woohoo! Finally, making the journey back to Southampton and I was so looking forward in seeing my family/friends again. Yes, you got it, I was sick again for a couple of days, but knew this time there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Arriving back into Southampton was incredible, with about 100,000 people at the race finish. I managed to see my Mum before we went on the stage and she was in a flood of tears. The whole returning home was very emotional and also one of ….OMG, I have actually completed this through all my struggles, and I am home!!! I cannot believe now as I sit in my little flat with my laptop on typing with a decent cup of tea 😉 that I have sailed part of the world and made history. I have been asked would I do it again…. Ha-ha..if a luxury 5 star yacht maybe. However, I would sail again but perhaps not as an ocean racer sailor. Maybe something nice like sailing in the Mediterranean. Overall, it has been the hardest and the best thing I have set out to achieve and did! I would recommend Clipper to anyone wanting a challenge and that it is! For now, I have my British Transplant Games to compete in a couple of week’s time, then more rest. And to work on finishing my auto-biography before the sequel of “Lungs go Sailing”. I am always smiling and always will, and thanks to my donor for allowing this experience in my lifetime to happen.

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