Constant gybing aboard Geronimo cost the crew dear in terms of point-to-point distance over the last 24 hours and Orange II is now slightly ahead

Olivier de Kersauson’s Cap Gemini and Schneider Electric trimaran has reached the Canaries at the end of Day 3, after 24 hours of sailing through unstable and irregular wind patterns. Constant gybing cost the crew dear in terms of point-to-point distance, with a total for the day of 324.80 nautical miles – the worst day since they crossed the start line. Orange II is now currently slightly ahead.

Nevertheless, these hard-won miles have been gained on a fairly direct course, despite the absence of wind west of the Canaries, which means that Geronimo is well-placed to pick up the trade winds. These began to make their presence felt last night, with an average speed that is perfectly acceptable for this section of the route.

At 2318 last night, Geronimo had 1,808 nautical miles left to cover before reaching her first important seamark at the Equator which she should cross at approximately 25° west. That’s about four good days’ sailing, which makes it unlikely that they will be able to improve on the trimaran’s record time of 6 days, 11 hours and 26 minutes set last year. The time set by the current record holder (7 days 22 hours) could be within reach, however.

Day 3 comparisons


28°32N/14°47W Distance covered in 24 hours: 324 nautical miles Average speed: 13.5 knots.

Orange 2

28°37N/13°00W Distance covered in 24 hours: 393 nautical miles Average speed: 16.38 knots.

2002 Record

29°06N/20°47W Distance covered in 24 hours: 442 nautical miles Average speed: 18.43 knots.