Mount's Bay SC is the chosen venue for this year's Fireball anniversary national championship

The Fireball class is celebrating its 40th anniversary this and to mark the occasion, Mount’s Bay Sailing Club has been chosen to host the Typhoon Fireball National Championship during the week 24-30 August.

Mount’s Bay is one of the best and most popular sailing venues in the UK with racing taking place against the spectacular backdrop of St Michael’s Mount. It’s very popular as a prime holiday destination thru its close proximity to some of the best beaches in the country.

Typhoon International as class sponsor is sponsoring the event and will be donating some great prizes from their extensive range of dinghy sailing products. The class has always been keen to ensure their nationals are an inclusive event giving everyone, not just the class hotshots, something to race for. Overall results are split into Gold, Silver and Bronze fleets so that even boats in at the middle or back have an opportunity to win some of the Typhoon goodies.

The class will also be running the ‘buddy system’ which proved so successful at last year’s championship. Each boat at the front of the fleet is paired with a boat at the back. The cumulative scores of each buddy pairing go towards the overall buddy prize, but the most popular aspect of the system has been the way it helps newcomers feel welcome and integrated into the class. It is also an excellent way to learn from the guys at the top. It’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to learn from a world, European or national champion.

For further details of the Fireball class, contact the Class Secretary, Bob Southworth, on 02380 456977. E-mail