Aussie takes 15 point lead with four races to go

Discarding nothing worse than a fifth Sarah Blanck of Australia has extended her lead in the Europe world championship in Canada to 15 points over Siren Sundby of Norway going into the final series, where the fleet are split into gold and silver for the last four races.

“If you ever wanted to prove that starting was an essential skill to be mastered by aspiring Olympic sailors, then take note of what is happening at the Europe worlds.” said Europe class coach Mark Littlejohn. RYA team GBR sailor Bryony Percy mastered her starting skills on day four of the worlds and sailed two great races, finishing fourth and thirteenth to move her up into 32nd place overall and secure a place in the gold fleet.

Percy commented: “I have been working hard on this aspect of my sailing since I finished my university exams. Today my results have reflected significant progress in this area, and I am pleased with the results.”

Team mates Kirsty Bonar and Debbie Winstanley had indifferent results but had done enough, along with fellow British sailor Andrea Brewster, to secure their places in the gold fleet for the final two days of the championship.

There will be no racing on day five of the world championship as the 109 competitors in the women’ fleet will enjoy a well-deserved lay day. The final series of the championship will take place on the 2-3 September, when the sailors will race in gold and silver fleets, with the winner of the gold fleet taking home the title of Europe world champion.

Results (day 4)

1, Sarah Blanck, AUS (2,3,1,1,1,(5),2,2) 12 pts

2, Siren Sundby, NOR (1,1,(20),4,10,2,6,3) 27 pts

3, Petra Niemann, GER (10,5,2,2,3,11,(34),1) 34 pts


30, Kirsty Bonar (17,7,1,(32),29,15,22,17) 108 pts

32, Bryony Percy (15,26,27,(34),12,19,4,13) 116 pts

36, Debbie Winstanley (6,26,(DSQ),11,29,4,21,34) 131 pts

54, Andrea Brewster (31,23,13,31,2,34,33,(38)) 167 pts

57, Kit Stenhouse ((44),37,20,38,11,3,37,27) 173 pts

69, Laura Baldwin (23,31,34,29,44,(45),31,15) 207 pts

103, Natalie Lloyd (47,48,45,47,(51),50,49,49) 335 pt