Another rig goes down, this time it's Hexagon's in the Around Alone Race

In a week that has been peppered with dismastings, Graham Dalton is the latest to lose his mast aboard his Open 60 Hexagon.

The official press release read:

LEG 4 NEWS FLASH: HEXAGON DISMASTS NW OF FALKLANDS Southampton, England – 1st March 03. New Zealand skipper Graham Dalton, currently in 5th place on the water in Leg 4 of Around Alone, informed the Race HQ at 13:50 hrs GMT on Saturday 1st March that his Open 60 Hexagon dismasted at 48 07S 59 29W approximately 250 miles NW of the Falklands. The skipper is safe, and has not reported any hull damage. At 14:30hrs GMT,C lass 2 leader, American skipper Brad Van Liew on Tommy Hilfiger Freedom America, was diverted from his position at 50 degrees South and 56d egrees West in order to standby to assist Dalton if required. At 16:15hrs GMT Van Liew was 156 miles from Hexagon, roughly 15 hours away from Dalton’s position.

For more information go to: Official Around Alone Web Site