The ten yachts depart Salvador frustrated by light winds 31/10/07

Light winds have been dogging the majority of the Clipper 07-08 fleet overnight meaning lots of sail changes and very few miles covered.westernaustralia2011.commanaged only 19 nautical miles in 12 hours, andGlasgow: Scotland with styledid not fare much better, with a run of only 35 nautical miles. Martin Silk, skipper, is frustrated at having to sail in light winds again, and commented this morning, “ITCZ south does exist!”

The light winds are a common source of frustration and every attempted manoeuvre to keep the boat moving appears to be in vain. OnboardGlasgow: Scotland with stylethey are certainly feeling this. “Over the last 24 hours we have had 14 different sail plans and we are still going nowhere fast. What is Durban like at Christmas?” asked skipper, Hannah Jenner.

One boat that does not appear to be affected at the moment isHull & Humberwhich has made a strong charge through the fleet after the medivac a few days ago.

The whole fleet are now positioning themselves for the stronger winds that are due to arrive on Thursday. The tactics being employed byNova ScotiaandJamaicawill mean that they will get these winds sooner and stay in them longer than anybody else, but will it be enough to justify the decisions they have made?

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