Although illbruck is nine miles ahead, there’s a lot of racing to take place between now and the finish line, 200 miles away

The leading three yachts on the second leg of the VOR are now less than 200 miles to the finish line at Sydney. Although illbruck still has the lead, SEB just nine miles behind, and Team News Corp (40 miles behind) are still in with a chance of snatching victory as they speed along in a 25 knot, south-westerly breeze just off the New South Wales coast.

Ross Field, navigator onboard Team News Corp, has certainly not given up hope of a leg two victory commenting: ‘illbruck and SEB are in touch and we can get back to them as we have done over the past few days. We’re quick in these conditions and hoping to be able to pull back more miles. The others are a long way back but we still have to watch ourselves.’

Position Report, Day 23, 1000hrs GMT


2 TSEB (9 miles from leader)

3 NEWS (40 miles from leader)

4 AONE (84 miles from leader)

5 DJCE (89 miles from leader)

6 AART (102 miles from leader)

7 ATOO (634 miles from leader)