Take a look at what the new one-design will actually look like in VOR's latest video

Have a look at what the new one-design boat will actually look like in Volvo Ocean Race’s (VOR) latest video update. VOR’s Rick Deppe shows us around the full interior mock-up taking shape in the UK, and Yachting World’s Racing and Technical Editor Matthew Sheahan makes his own comments.

Built out of wood, this full interior mock-up is being developed at Green Marine, one of the four boatyards of the consortium responsible for building the 65-foot one-design racing yacht. 

Rick Deppe visited the boatyard for the Volvo Ocean Race and tells us more about this “Hull 0” used to fit the different components and systems inside the boat.

How it’s built


  • VOR CEO Knut Frostad made the announcement about the shift to the new one-design at a presentation in Lorient, France in June 2012, towards the end of the 2011-12 edition.

  • The one-design will be a high-performance racing boat but will also mean a significant cost saving while bringing greater reliability. The fleet will share spare masts, rigging and other resources, helping to reduce significantly the cost of mounting a competitive campaign.

To find out more about the construction, read the first update here.