Alison Martin and Bethan Carden won a bronze medal for Great Britain in the 420 girls class on the final day of the ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship

Alison Martin and Bethan Carden won a bronze medal for Great Britain in the 420 girls class on the final day of the ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship.

Over the seven-day event, Alison and Bethan’s results continued to improve and a third place finish in the final race gave them the bronze medal. Elise Rechichi and Rayshele Martin of Australia took the gold medal from Camille Lecointre and Gwendolyn Lemaitre of France.

Racing was tough in the girls Laser Radial fleet with a number of sailors capable of winning medals. Great Britain’s Charlotte Dobson sailed a good series posting the majority of her results in the top five and scoring a bullet on day four of the championship to finally finish in fifth place overall. Last years bronze medallist in the Byte class, Paige Railey of America, finished first overall by one point from Krystal Weir of Australia.

Team GBR sailor Stephen Powell won the final race of the championships in the Laser class, which nudged him up into the top ten to finish ninth overall. Ricky Ironmonger of Australia was the undisputed winner taking the gold medal by 18 points from Norbert Wilandt of Poland.

The 420 boys class was won by the Australians, Nathan Outteridge and Ayden Menzies, who put in a convincing performance to win by 25 points from Loic Le Bacquer and Yannick Peduzzi of France. Team GBR sailors Callum Macdonald and Haakon Karlsen finished in ninth place overall.

Close racing was enjoyed in the Mistral windsurfing fleets, in particular the boys where the medals were decided on count-back, with the gold medal going to Wing Ho Yu of Hong Kong, leaving Mariano Benitez of Argentina with the silver medal. Scottish sailor Peter Bird sailed consistently all week to finish in eighth place overall.

In the girls Mistral fleet Zofia Klepacka of Poland won with a day to spare from Flavia Tartaglini of Italy with Blanca Manchon of Spain taking the bronze medal. Team GBR sailor Stephanie Thompson sailed well to finish in seventh place overall.

Great Britain maintained its position of fourth overall in the Nations Cup and with three gold medals and one silver the cup went to Australia.

A delighted Martin said, “We were fourth going into the final day and had a little bit on to make sure that we came home with a medal. We were quietly confident and went out and sailed our own race hoping that it would come good for us. Thankfully it did and we are delighted with our medal.”

Overall Results

Laser boys

1, Ricky Ironmonger, AUS (4,4,(DSQ), 4,3,5,(15),3,1,1,2) 27 pts

2, Norbert Wilandt, POL (7,(DSQ),12,1,6,2,8,1,2,(RAF),6) 45 pts

3, Tonci Stipanovic, CRO (3,8,6,(18),1,13,(19),9,6,5,7) 58 pts


9, Stephen Powell, (16, Hayling Island) (17,2,8,10,(23),(24),18,10,10,2,1) 78 pts

Laser Radial girls

1, Paige Railey, USA (2,2,(OCS),1,(11),8,1,3,4,4,1) 26 pts

2, Krystal Weir, AUS (1,1,2,5,7,(13),(14),4,3,2,2) 27 pts

3, Sarah Steayert, FRA (4,(DSQ),4,2,6,(17),6,1,2,6,7) 38 pts


5, Charlotte Dobson (16, Helensburgh) (7,3,3,7,5,(11),(10),5,1,5,8) 44 pts

420 boys

1, Nathan Outteridge/Ayden Menzies, AUS (1,1,1,(3),2,3,(11),1,1,1,1) 12 pts

2, Loic Le Bacquer/Yannick Peduzzi, FRA (3,6,7,4,3,4,1,(12),4,5,(13)) 37 pts

3, Lucas Calabrese/Damian Saponara, ARG

((DSQ),(DSQ),8,1,1,1,5,2,11,DNF,3) 59 pts


9, Callum Macdonald (18, Dumbarton)/Haakon Karlsen (16, Helensburgh) (12,3,2,9,15,(23),(19),4,15,4,14) 78 pts

420 girls

1, Elise Rechichi/Rayshele Martin, AUS (2,1,2,1,1,(7),(20),1,2,5,5) 20 pts

2, Camille Lecointre/Gwendolyn Lemaitre, FRA (6,(8),1,2,5,1,(7),2,3,1,1) 22 pts

3, Alison Martin (16, Caversham)/Bethan Carden (17, Barton-on-Sea) , GBR (5,(10),(9),4,2,8,1,5,7,3,3) 38 pts

Mistral boys

1, Wing Ho Yu, HKG ((5),5,2,1,1,2,4,3,(10),2,4,1) 25 pts

2, Mariano Benitez, ARG (1,1,1,2,5,(DNS),3,(8),4,4,2,2) 25 pts

3, Biron Kokalanis, GRE ((7),4,5,3,3,1,(OCS),2,3,1,1,6) 29 pts


8, Peter Bird (16, Lochwinnoch) (9,7,7,9,9,3,6,9,(DNF),(DNF),7,9) 75 pts

Mistral girls

1, Zofia Klepacka, POL (1,1,1,1,1,(2),1,(2),2,1,1,1) 11 pts

2, Flavia Tartaglini, ITA (2,3,3,3,3,(5),(OCS),1,3,3,2,4) 27 pts

3, Blanca Manchon, ESP ((OCS),2,(DSQ),5,2,1,OCS,3,1,2,3,2) 33 pts


7, Stephanie Thompson (16, Wokingham) (3,8,8,7,6,7,4,8,10,(DNF),(DNC),8) 69 pts