Kiel kicked out another varied day yesterday with flat winds in the morning and 35 knots later in the day causing the racing for all classes except the Mistrals to be abandoned

Kiel kicked out another varied day yesterday with flat winds in the morning and 35 knots later in the day causing the racing for all classes except the Mistrals to be abandoned.

Partway through the second 49er race of the day, the race was abandoned as a large squall came in resulting in the competitors having to drop their sails to avoid capsizing and breaking equipment.

It was perfect conditions for the Mistral class and it was the only class that managed to get in two races. RYA team GBR sailor Nick Dempsey scored a second and a fourth place, which was enough to see him continue his lead over the class from Przemystaw Miarcznski of Poland who scored two first places.

Dempsey commented: “Today was much the same as yesterday but windier! The conditions were not easy as there were some big gusts and shifts, so the trick was to just to sail smart.”

One race was sailed in the Laser class with team GBR sailor Paul Goodison coming out on top. Goodison enjoyed the fresh conditions and posted his fourth bullet of the regatta, to extend his lead by six points from Brendan Casey of Australia.

Team mate Dan Holman successfully sought redress in the previous day’s race and added a third place to his total score, which saw him move up into fourth place overall. It was a good day for the Brits, as Mark Howard scored his first win of the regatta to put him in eighth place overall.

The Tornado fleet finally managed to take their covers off completing one race before it got too windy. Because of the high winds there has been a lot of damage in this class, so a 13th place for team GBR sailors Hugh Styles/Adam May was enough to see them move up into third place overall. Sydney Olympic gold medallists, Roman Hagara/Hans Peter Steinacher of Austria, continue their lead over the class by six points from the newly-crowned European gold medallists, Olivier Backes/Laurent Vorion of France.

In the 470 classes only one of the groups managed to race and therefore the results stay as day two. With Eugeny Braslavets/Igor Matvienko of the Ukraine leading the men’s fleets and Vlada Ilienko/Diana Krutskih of Russia the women’s.

RYA Olympic Manager Stephen Park commented: “The good performances in the Laser fleet from Dan Holman and Mark Howard, joining Paul Goodison in the top ten, show the depth of the class. Whilst Paul failed to qualify for the ISAF World Sailing Games next week, he is certainly showing that he is at the top of his class, leading the regatta by a significant margin at the halfway mark.”

Results (provisional after day three)

Mistral Men

1, Nick Dempsey ((6),1,2,1,1,1,2,4) 12 pts

2, Przemystaw Miarcznski, POL ((7),6,3,1,1,2,1,1) 15 pts

3, Piotr Myszka, POL (1,5,1,2,(10),1,2,3) 15 pts

Mistral Women

1, Lai Shan Lee, HKG (1,1,1,(8),2,6,4,5) 20 pts

2, Lise Vidal, FRA (4,2,3,4,4,2,(16),1) 20 pts

3, Faustine Merret, FRA (3,(13),11,1,6,5,5,2) 33 pts

Team GBR

4, Natasha Sturges (6,3,(9),7,9,3,7,4) 39 pts

12, Bryony Shaw (15,(24),15,30%,1,7,14,16) 92 pts

19, Catherine Potter (33,(34),25,16,15,10,17,9) 125 pts


1, Tom Fitzpatrick/Fraser Brown, IRL (5,1,2,6) 14 pts

2, Georgios Panagiotidis/Alfonso Panagiotidis GRE (1,3,3,7) 14 pts

3, Jan Thorstrom/Matias Niemelainen, FIN (4,2,1,9) 16 pts

No team GBR entries

470 Women (results stand as day two)

1, Vlada Ilienko/Diana Krutskih, RUS (2,1,1,4,(12)) 8 pts

2, Stefanie Rothweiler/Monika Leu, GER (1,3,3,(23),1) 8 pts

3, Jenny Armstrong/Belinda Stowell, AUS (3,2,4,1,(7)) 10 pts

Team GBR

7, Josie Gibson/Saskia Clark (8,11,8,(19),6) 33 pts

10, Christina Bassadone/Katherine Hopson (14,16,17,6,5) 41 pts

470 Men (results stand as day two)

1, Eugeny Braslavets/Igor Matvienko, UKR (2,(6),1,1,1) 5 pts

2, Gildas Phillipe/Nicolas Le Berre, FRA (1,4,(5),2,1) 8 pts

3, Alexandre Pallu/Aymeric Chappellier, FRA (4,2,(22),4,4) 14 pts

Team GBR

19, Clive Goodwin/Douglas Powell (8,7,9,14,(BFD)) 38 pts

30, Mark Plummer/Oliver Hawkley (15,9,(BFD),8,19) 51 pts

44, Neil Marsden/Graham Nellson (24,16,27,(BFD),16) 83 pts


1, Sari Multala, FIN (1,5,(12),1,1,1,1) 10 pts

2, Carolyn Brouwer, NED (2,2,2,3,(6),3,1) 13 pts

3, Petra Niemann, GER (6,1,6,1,6,1,1) 16 pts

Team GBR

30, Kirsty Bonar (9,16,(20),7,11,5,12) 60 pts

40, Bryony Percy (18,(22),9,15,9,7,22) 80 pts


1, Heiko Kroger, GER ((3),1,1,1,1,1) 5 pts

2, Jens Als Andersen, DEN (1,2,2,2,3,(4)) 10 pts

3, Damien Seguin, FRA (4,3,(9),5,2,2) 16 pts

Team GBR

12, Allan Smith ((16),14,13,10,7,13) 57 pts

14, Valerie Millward (11,10,(DNF),17,11,18) 67 pts

16, Andrew Millband (13,12,(DNF),12,DNC,10) 68 pts


1, Paul Goodison, GBR (1,1,(BFD),3,1,1) 7 pts

2, Brendan Casey, AUS ((ZPG),3,1,1,7,1) 13 pts

3, Xavier Leclair, FRA ((11),4,1,1,2,6) 14 pts

Team GBR

4, Dan Holman (10,2,4,2,(RDG),3) 15.20 pts

8, Mark Howard ((33),5,3,5,4,1) 18 pts

13, Peter Walker (3,5,4,3,(BFD),13) 28 pts

24, Tim Hulse ((20),9,9,11,8,8) 45 pts


1, Ulrike Schumann/Wibke Bulle/Winnie Lippert, GER (1,(6),3,1,5) 10 pts

2, Kristin Wagner/Anna Hoell/Veronika Lochbrunner, GER (5,4,1,(8),3) 13 pts

3, Dorte Jenson/Helle Jespersen/Annette Strom, DEN (4,(13),4,6,2) 16 pts

Team GBR

14, Nicole Johnson/Jo Line/Jane Norris ((19),19,5,12,15) 51 pts

22, Shirley Robertson/Inga Leask/Sarah Ayton (26,RET,16,DSQ,7) 81 pts

24, Lizzie Edwards/Caroline Edwards/Sarah Allen (24,21,27,23,18) 86 pts


1, Roman Hagara/Hans Peter Steinacher, AUT (1,4,1) 6 pts

2, Olivier Backes/Laurent Vorion, FRA (2,2,8) 12 pts

3, Hugh Styles/Adam May (5,5,13) 23 pts

Team GBR

12, Leigh McMillan/Mark Bulkeley (9,9,23) 41 pts

51, Rob Wilson/Will Howden (RET,DNC,10) 162 pts

56, Steven Lovegrove/Martin Sellars (RET,DNC,19) 171 pts

70, Matthew Eeles/Marcus Lynch (DNF,RDG,DNC) 228 pts


1, Mark Reynolds/Magnus Liljedahl, USA (2,1,10) 13 pts

2, Nicklas David Holm/Martin Leifelt, DEN (1,2,16) 19 pts

3, Reinhard Schmidt/Jochen Wolfram, GER (10,3,6) 19 pts

Team GBR

32, Ian Barker/Ed Peel (BFD,26,15) 110 pts


1, Mateusz Kusznierewicz, POL (1,1,1) 3 pts

2, Sebastien Godefroid, BEL (3,2,2) 7 pts

3, Michael Fellmann, GER (2,3,3) 8 pts

Team GBR

4, Dave Mellor (4,12,5) 21 pts

10, Matt Howard (10,21,10) 41 pts

17, Edward Greig (13,23,20) 56 pts

23, Luke Chapman (20,31,22) 73 pts