Crews taking part in this year's ARC are being asked to carry extra supplies to help hurricane damaged St Lucia

World Cruising Club was concerned to hear of the damage that Hurricane Tomas caused when it struck Saint Lucia earlier in the week. The considerable damage appears to have been restricted to the south of the island, and it is reported it will take time for the island to recover.

Rodney Bay Marina, which is in the north of the island is not damaged, and the General Manager Adam Foster comments: “The marina suffered no damage and the road bridges that washed away will be repaired before ARC. Power is back on but water is not expected to be back till mid November.”

ARC crews rally to help Saint Lucia

Crews taking part in this year’s ARC are being asked to carry extra supplies on their Atlantic crossing, or to donate spare items on their arrival. La Vaughn Francis of Saint Lucia Tourist Board says: “Supplies would be most useful at this time and I have spoken to the Red Cross and NEMO teams who have indicated that canned foods and dry goods are most needed.”

Everyday items needed

The Saint Lucian Red Cross has asked for donations of everyday items such as canned foods (especially evaporated milk), dry food stuffs, water containers, batteries, flasks, small transistor radios, lanterns or flash lights/torches, cleaning supplies, sanitary wipes/hand sanitizers, blankets, bed sheets, sleeping bags, children’s disposable diapers/nappies and wipes, infant food and formula, female sanitary products, adult disposable diapers/nappies and toiletries like toothpaste, soaps, toothbrushes.  If you are visiting Saint Lucia and have spare provisions, or space onboard to take extra tinned and dried foods, then please take as much as you can.  The Red Cross in Saint Lucia will collect the food and arrange for it to be distributed to the most needy.   In addition to yachts taking excess food supplies to offer on arrival, World Cruising Club will also organise a cash collection at the final ARC prizegiving in Saint Lucia.

Visiting Saint Lucia

It is important that we continue to visit Saint Lucia. Tourism is vital to the Saint Lucian economy, and by visiting the island and spending money locally, we will be supporting local jobs and enterprises. Yachts visiting and spending money in the local economy will also help sustain the island through what must be an extremely difficult time.

How can I help from home?

The Saint Lucia High Commission in London has established a disaster relief fund and would welcome donations. All of the money will be used directly in the rebuilding of people’s lives in Saint Lucia.

Bank: Barclays, London
Account: 23839265 – Saint Lucia Disaster Relief Fund
Sort Code: 20-35-90
IBAN: GB34BARC20359023839265

All donations are greatly appreciated. For more information on the Saint Lucia High Commission, visit