Did Ainslie hit the mark or not?

Just as I was about to write an analysis of that controversial mark rounding where Ainslie was accused by Hogh-Christensen and Postma of hitting the mark, one of our readers, Nigel Robinson sent his own succinct analysis which I think hits the spot.

Here it is, thank you Nigel.

I have looked at the footage of the rounding several times – inconclusive from the angle available; What you can say is that it would have been difficult for Postma AND J H-C to witness the touch from their respective positions.
Ben thrust his body out to hike immediately after rounding and this may have given the impression that he had hit the mark from where Postma was.
Ben could have brushed the mark with the side of his deck just behind his body (was looking forward so may not have seen he’d done this) but there is no way J H-C could have seen this from his position. So can certainly understand Bens frustrations – he couldn’t afford not to do the turn (as J H-C suggested he should have done if he believed he hadn’t hit the mark) with two of them claiming he’d hit it.