If virtual yacht racing isn’t enough, how about a virtual you?

To anybody older than a teenager, the idea of a virtual world where you can live an alternative life in cyberspace is one that needs to be explained slowly.

OK, so maybe it’s just me, but I just don’t get virtual worlds like Second Life, the world where avatars interact with each other in a digitally created environment that aims to replicate real world events. In 2007, some bright cookies tried to sell the idea of a virtual America’s Cup world where you could buy and run teams. The presentation left the audience numb with incomprehension.

Nevertheless, the mainstream media has run stories on how the virtual world could soon become so financially appealing that advertisers will choose to spend their bucks there instead of in the real world.

What I don’t understand is, if the real world’s not good enough, why seek to copy it?

Whatever, (as I think the expression goes), it appears that teenage solo round the world rock star Michael Perham has been, in the words of the press release;

‘Immortalised as a downloadable Sim character for EA’s hot new game, The Sims 3 World Adventures, the first expansion pack to the best-selling PC game of calendar 2009, The Sims 3.’

Now, if your hair is the same colour as mine, you’ll probably recognise many of the words in that statement but be completely lost on the meaning.

If, however you’re with the story so far and want to know more about how you can experience another world without troubling yourself with this one, here’s the rest of the release. You never know, this could well be coming to a sitting room near you this Christmas.


‘A real-life adventurer, Michael made history at the age of 14 when he 
became the youngest person to sail single-handed across the Atlantic 
Ocean in a 28ft yacht. In August this year, aged 17, he made it into 
the record books again when he became the youngest person to sail solo around the world, completing the journey on a 50ft racing yacht.

His achievements have been recognised by games publisher EA, turning 
Michael Perham into a character for free download for The Sims 3 World  Adventures The teenage sailor’s Sim character will be available for  download allowing players to take Michael on their own virtual adventures to real-world inspired destinations within the game including China, Egypt and France.

Michael Perham comments, “My life has been like one long adventure for the past few years, so this game has got my name written all over it.  I’m concentrating on college at the moment, but having my own 
character in the game will allow me to continue travelling and 
adventuring, even if only in a virtual world?”

In The Sims 3 World Adventures players can take their Sims to new 
destinations to conquer challenges, find treasures, discover what’s 
lurking in hidden caves, and much more with the first ever Sims 
adventure gameplay.

The Sims 3 World Adventures is available now, rated PEGI 12 (For more 
information visit www.pegi.info and is available at retail and online 
through digital distribution at EA Store